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  •  Solid restructuring shampoo with lavender, organic oats and honey
  • Solid detangling conditioner with organic chamomile and honey
  • Beauty 100% cotton

Demeter box

    • Solid shampoo based on organic shea butter and coconut butter enriched with organic oat extract, lavender and honey performs a deep restructuring action on the scalp. Lavender in synergy with organic oat extract and aloe gel purifies, regenerates and soothes the scalp. 
    • The solid conditioner based on organic shea butter and coconut butter is perfect for detangling and deeply hydrating the hair. Chamomile extracts, aloe gel from certified organic farming and honey help nourish and polish the hair, giving it a bright and healthy look.
    • Beauty in printed cotton, to keep your beauty secrets. Dimensions 22.5 x 17 x 5.5.

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