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Who we are

Our project

Beebee Cosmetics was born from the desire to create cosmetic and body care products that are the synthesis of the essences of our territory and the values we believe in.
Beebee cosmetics are entirely designed and created in a small artisan laboratory located at the foot of the Piedmontese Graian Alps, an area rich in perfumes and essences typical of the pre-Alpine belt such as calendula, arnica, but also lavender and blueberry, which become irreplaceable ingredients to give character to our products. 
Furthermore, in the gardens of our company we host some families of bees who give us precious raw materials for our products such as honey, propolis and cera alba. 
In our preparations you will find only natural ingredients, oils, butters and bio extracts as locally produced as possible. 
We believe that the only way to make cosmetics is to respect the environment and, in addition to using natural and local raw materials as much as possible, we are really attentive to sustainability in every phase of production, using totally plastic-free packaging and packaging .
Beebee Cosmetics represents an adventure, a journey through the scents, sensations, tastes and colors of the Piedmontese Pre-Alps and interprets the memory of these places in an innovative and sustainable way, translating them into products for taking care of yourself.

We believe in things done right.


Who we are

Beebee Cosmetics was born from an idea of Bianca, a naturalist with a degree in Environmental Biology and a passion for botany, beekeeping and natural cosmetics.

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